Letters To My Future Wife

This winter,

All I wanted was to hold you by the fireplace.

Keep you warm on the cold nights.

Bake cookies with you.

I learned how to snowboard.  I wish I could have taught you, and laughed with you as you fell a million times.  I would have kissed you and cuddled you on the chairlift; it’s a long, cold ride to the top of the hill.

But mostly, all I wanted was you.

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So I forgot entirely that I had this blog…

Now that I have a slight amount of free time, I may start posting again. :D

Dreams, again.

When you showed yourself to me in my dream again, you were beautiful as always.

You told me your name.  I could not remember it upon waking.  I beat myself up over that for a while.  Then I realized it didn’t matter.  I miss you, I miss the way your hair draped over your shoulder, the way you gazed at me.  It always feels real.

But I’ll know, someday.  

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Q & A

Are these letters to a current girlfriend who you plan to be your future wife or just letters which you will pass on to your future wife when you meet her?

I don’t know if I’ll pass these on to her when I find her, but they’re meant to be letters to a woman I haven’t met yet.  Mostly, I just write whatever comes to mind when I feel inspired, lonely, etc.  Mostly lonely, though.

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We are not monsters.

I finally know what it’s like to feel free
When the news came on telling of our victory
And that when I finally find you
I can see you on our special day
And cry tears of joy
Like every other couple
Throughout history. 

Candles and perfume

My room smells like us, babe.
Or, rather, how I imagine us to smell.

Like lavender, vanilla and cinnamon, with a salty edge, like water of the ocean.
Comfortable and comforting. You’re as soothing  as waves rolling up on the beach and have a temper of an ocean storm.  And even though you get angry, we make up for it at night.

Lavender, like your sweaters, and vanilla and cinnamon- our house during the holidays- full of laughter and love. 

When I light these candles, I feel you near.  And as I put them out and drift off into sleep, I imagine you here with me.  I love you more with each passing day.  Even though I don’t know you.

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I don’t know what I did to get 30 followers in 3 days,

but thanks SO much! 


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I dreamt of you last night.  Again.

I was alone in an empty, new apartment when you appeared.

I was in your arms.  You comforted me through my headache.

It was nice.  Your smile made me melt as always.

You’re beginning to look more and more familiar, and that scares me, but I know it’s you.

I still love you.

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I’ll love you no matter what.

If When you have cramps and feel miserable, I’ll hold you and do whatever it takes to make you feel better.  I’ll give you kisses and cuddles and lots and lots of chocolate and tell you that you look cute even though you haven’t showered in two days. Promise.  

As long as you’ll do the same for me. :)

Your future wife <3 

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Fourth of July

I wish I could have held you as I listened to the music, feeling you enjoying it too.  We could have been hot and sweaty and miserable together, and fought over who got the chairs out of the car.  I would have kissed you during the fireworks- our kisses feeling bigger and more grand than even the most beautiful fireworks in the sky.  

I would have, and I will one day.

I love you more than anything in this world, even though I haven’t met you.

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